Our visit to Peru

By Travel & Trips

The vibrant clothing and meticulously hand-crafted products we sell are all sourced from the wonderfully colourful country of Peru. As is the case with many developing countries, Peru is rich in talented craftspeople that have skills which have been passed down from generation to generation, but without the knowledge or technology to sell their goods, they cannot earn a living. Essence of Peru  assist those people who would otherwise be jobless. They have the materials and machinery to work as many or as few hours they can spare, or they can even take products home to work on them if they have children to care for. We provide workspace close to their homes, and free food throughout the day. Most importantly, we pay a fair price for their products so they can support themselves and make a better life their families.

In 2013, we went to visit our suppliers in Peru’s capital Lima, and met the workers who lovingly craft all our products. It was a fantastic experience to meet them all, and thank them personally for the amazing work they produce. In turn they explained how happy they were to be provided with a job they love, in good working conditions and with the food and shelter they need.

We would like to thank you all for your continued custom, without your support this social enterprise which supports many families would never exist.